IT Vectura Warehouse Management System solution for warehouse management

Transparent management of the full cycle of warehouse operations, integrated into yard and transportation management processes.

Air, land, sea, rail, and river transportation
Air, land, sea, rail, and river transportation

Warehouse management software

General functionality of IT Vectura Warehouse Management system


Maintaining all necessary master data that provides the information content of business objects into the system and used in setting up rules and algorithms of managing warehouse processes and resources

Receipt of material

Managing the process of receiving materials into the warehouse including control and accounting of technological features of processed materials and flexible settings of placement rules


Automated task generation for recalculation by positions, material groups, storage locations and areas, batch of materials. Assignment of inventory at a specified time interval. Analysis of discrepancies, generation of documents based on the results of recalculation


Warehouse control panel, reports and dashboards on the main indicators of warehouse operations, KPI reports, flexible customization of reports on balances and material flows taking into account all the necessary characteristics

Warehouse release procedures

Management of the material release process taking into account the order prioritization and route. Full integration with the yard and transportation management process including data exchange of the quantity and characteristics of shipped loads

Internal movements

Management of internal movements of materials in the warehouse. Automated planning and distribution of tasks, prioritization of operations, flexible settings for access of resource types to different areas of the warehouse